I really want to study, but my mind gets diverted, and I find myself thinking of something useless every other minute. What should I do?

If you really want to study, then nothing can stop you but mind does get diverted and that is ok. To get over this distraction you can try few things…

  • Make a schedule for study time along with a break. Study for 30 min to 45 min and then take a small break of 5 min.
  • When other irrelevant thoughts come to your mind while studying you can write that in a piece of paper and tell yourself that you will think about that later on. Try this consciously in order see results.
  • After your study time is over, go through that paper and if there is something important, sort it out and delete the rest.
  • Study at a time when your mind is calm and sit in a place where there is less distractions.
  • You can play light instrumental music in the background to help you focus especially while writing something.
  • Exercise regularly, eat healthy and sleep for 8 hrs and try meditation.

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