What I offer

Student counseling for those who are facing

Career Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Guidance on self improvement

Psychological Counseling

What you can expect

Holistic Healing

I believe in the holistic healing of mind and body.Various counseling techniques are combined and applied to address the pressing issues that are bothering you. Focus is entirely to empower you so that you can overcome the problems and lead a healthy and balanced life.

For career counseling, you can expect a detailed career assessment done on the basis of psychometric assessments like Personality tests, Multiple Intelligence test, Emotional Intelligence tests, Aptitude tests, Learning Style tests etc.

A detailed career report is given along with a counseling session to guide you individually.

Online Counseling

Both psychological and career counseling services are offered through-

People in and around Kalyani and kolkata can avail face-to-face counseling services. However, all the counseling services are also offered through phone and online mode so anyone from any part of India can avail the counseling services.

Life Skill Training(for schools and groups)

Life skill training sessions are given to middle and senior school students in group setting. These sessions help students to understand and deal with issues like-

 Life skill and awareness workshops for teachers and parents are also conducted in group settings.  The topics include but not limited to-


What my clients say