My phone distracts me all the time and I can’t study because of it. What do I do?

A phone is a necessity in today’s time. But it becomes a challenge when it is a cause of distraction or one gets addicted to mobile especially in the life of a school student. To avoid or to overcome mobile addiction, you may follow this…

  • Make a daily schedule of your study time and mobile using time. Total usage time can be max 1 hr and that should be divided throughout the entire day.
  • Hand over the mobile to your parents and take that during your scheduled mobile using time.
  • Engage yourself with activities other than using mobile. Exercise regularly, learn any musical instrument or practice gardening or play with your pet. Important point is to stay busy with activities and not with mobile.
  • For online classes use laptop or desktop and not mobile. Other than class, avoid using mobile.
  • When you are studying, practice writing than only reading. Make sure you finish your task before you take your mobile break.
  • Give yourself a treat if you successfully control your mobile use and reduce the usage time. Ask parents to help you.

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